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In case of bisexuality I present: Bingerguns.

ID: In order: Fingerguns emoji with:

  1. purple face, blue features, pink hands

  2. purple face, pink features, blue hands (this is sorta eye strain lol)

  3. the face is the bi flag

  4. the face is the bi flag but the purple stripe is on the eyes making it look like a ninja or binja

  5. the hands are the bi flag

  6. the hands are the bi flag but the thumb and index finger are pink, the rest of the hands are half purple and blue

ID end

aroace - bi solidarity i guess. have fun

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Self callout 😔

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Community Update - October 2020

staff -

Site Stats

As of writing, we have 32,192 users, 52,051 blogs, and 418,334 posts.

Site News

Bit of a change this month - while last month was entirely code, this month has been spent doing code and research into how various bits of the site are doing.

One major change that's worth noting separately is I'm changing the UI strategy. Those who've been around since the start know that one of the original ideas with the UI of the site was that it's snappy and simple. As time has gone on, it's become obvious that it's currently a bit too simple, so I started rewriting it in React. But then I realised... actually, that goes counter to what I wanted. React is a very heavy Javascript framework, and I specifically wanted to avoid too much Javascript. So, that UI is scrapped - I'm still rebuilding it from scratch, but it'll be a little easier to maintain, and still nice and simple. There'll just be fewer page switches and a little more interactivity (alongside quick reblog etc. That's still coming).

Additionally, one breaking change is coming - when this update hits, we will officially be dropping support for Internet Explorer, and will not be attempting or offering any support for bugs discovered while using that browser. This doesn't necesarily mean the site won't work in it - but Internet Explorer is outdated and officially end of lifed by Microsoft, so you really should upgrade to a modern browser if you still use it. My recommendation is Firefox - it's lightweight, privacy focused, and doesn't transmit all your data to Google like Chrome does.

So - since last month people said that actually, they are interested in getting into the lower level, technical stuff around the infrastructure and policy decisions of the site, this month you get a longer post going into some of that. I'll also be taking this opportunity to answer a few questions that come up every so often, since I assume that means more people are interested than are asking. I'll hold some stuff back for next month. Oh, final note - still on track for the update being launched in December.

All this stuff will be going under a readmore with a table of contents just above it.

  • Writer's Block - The New Text Editor

  • Accessibility - Fonts and Image ID

  • Image Formats - WebP is the future

  • How does Waterfall make money?

So, let's go!

Writer's Block - The New Text Editor

We're probably not calling the new text editor Writer's Block.

But, since everyone hates the current one and, frankly, the licencing conditions for it aren't great, I've wanted to build our own for quite a while. I'm happy to announce that we finally have one.

This screenshot is a prototype, and there's still all the styling work to be done. Bear that in mind.

Our Kickstarter backers were given a live preview and report that, so far, it seems to work very well on mobile too.

Right off the bat, you'll notice you'll have more formatting options available to you. These will be extended - you're likely familiar with markdown, it's the thing Discord uses for its text formatting. We're working on a custom implementation that, eventually, will add support for colours and some other fancy formatting. Both the text editor and the Falldown parser will be open sourced, so that anyone can contribute to improving them.

Accessibility - Fonts and Image IDs

Something that's been largely neglected so far is the accessibility of the site. That's on me, and is largely a symptom of trying to do too much at once. It's also something I need to take seriously if I want Waterfall to grow. Given I'm about to rewrite the UI from scratch anyway, this is the perfect time to make that happen. While I'm not an expert in accessibility - I'll be bringing someone in who is to tell me what a bad job I've done so far - there are three things that are going to be addressed.

First, font sizes. They're going to be made configurable without messing with browser zoom. This may be a per-device setting, or iit may be a global account one - implementation details will dictate which I end up going with.

Secondly, something that's been requested a lot is the option for a dyslexia friendly font. I've been looking around and found two promising options. Dyslexie is the one that commonly gets suggested, but the licencing terms for that are unfriendly and we have to pay by both the staff member and, as a website, by the visitor, so that's out. Instead, we'll be going with OpenDyslexic for now, and possibly forking it to add in any missing glyphs we encounter as the site grows. This will be a toggleable option in user settings.

Third, I noticed a lot of people putting Image ID stuff in reblogs and under images and such. I'd never really seen them before but it didn't take long to figure out that actually, those are a great idea, so I'll be building native support for those into the site. The image editor is being overhauled anyway, so support for regular image captions was planned already. Now, it just has Image ID support too. While we can't force artists and image uploaders to use the feature, we do highly recommend it. As with the font, viewing image IDs will be a toggleable option.

Image Formats - WebP is the future

WebP has been a thing for years now. It's better than PNG, it's better than GIF. Why hasn't it taken off? Apple is why it hasn't taken off. They're the only major browser to not support it (edit while proofreading: apparently they do now. But only for some people).

The only real limitation of it is the image size - it can't exceed 16,383 pixels on either dimension. This is unlikely to be too much of a problem, but it's something we had to bear in mind - as such, with the update, images will be limited to 8,192 pixels on any dimension. We don't anticipate many being bigger than that, but we think that's the sweet spot for any hyper-detailed artists to still be able to get their stuff in a high quality format.

When the update hits, image transcoding will finally be a thing, meaning image sizes can be shrunk a little bit. Ideally, we'd be going WebP only - but, thanks to Apple... WebP supports both static and animated images, at a significantly lower file size. When testing, a GIF file we used started at 5.7MB, and, once converted to WebP by our encoder, came out at only 628KB with no loss in perceptual quality. When testing with a 16,000 x 8,000 pixel PNG file, it shrank from 478MB (yes, megabytes) down to 8.7MB. Obviously, WebP is a good idea.

However, not all browsers support it yet. According to CanIUse's page for WebP, support is at only 80% coverage, and Apple have decided to artificially restrict the version of Safari that will support it to only supporting it on the latest Macs for... some reason. Unfortunately this probably means that support on iPhones will be similarly artificially constrained. All these factors combined means that we'll be keeping both WebP and legacy (hereby defined as GIF and PNG) copies of images for the foreseeable future. If your browser supports WebP - awesome, you'll get the WebP version. If not, you'll get the bandwidth sucking legacy formats instead.

You can expect this to be a trend going forward - I hate the idea of constraining Waterfall to using legacy technology, so as new stuff becomes widely available and we've tested it, we will start using it and, eventually, phase the older stuff out, since for reasons outlined below, supporting 1% of the population who can't use the more modern stuff is a resource drain we can't realistically handle.

For now, it'll be a couple of years (most likely - if the support matrix changes to a high enough usage, it may be earlier) before support for PNG and GIF are dropped, and our converter will continue creating those formats. We'll give plenty of notice before we finally drop them too. AVIF recently launched, we'll likely add support for that when we drop PNG and GIF. Similar with x264 - it's a legacy format now, but not enough support for the technology we want to use (in fact, here it's worse - there's been VP8, VP9, and now AV1 whereas regular images haven't advanced as quickly. We're ignoring HEVC since that's patent encumbered and basically nothing supports it. VP9 has about the same support level as WebM currently, and AV1 sits at around 30% - unfortunately, video is a lot costlier to store than images, so we have to stick with one format for now) is available yet. It's an incredibly frustrating scenario as both a developer and the one who has to pay for the storage space to keep all this.In an ideal world, we could just drop the old formats immediately, but we aren't in an ideal world.

How does Waterfall make money?

Alternative title: How do we plan to make money going forward?

Right now, 90% of the income Waterfall itself brings in is from the Patreon, sitting at $80 a month. The other 10% is from blog slots and commission market fees. Yeah, it's not much, we know, we're still very much in the "passion project" phase of the site and likely will be for a while longer.

The rest of the company's income is largely made up of a couple of other small sites and freelance work (the latter being the vast majority of what pays our bills). Additionally, we're game devs, so we're working on a project there too. The games subsidise Waterfall, and Waterfall subsidises the games.

Going forward, I'm committed to one thing in particular - fierce independence. I don't want shareholders or stock options or an IPO or whatever. I want Waterfall funded by the community, not advertisers. This, obviously, makes things a bit difficult, since most sites sell out fairly quickly to that stuff. To understand how I want us to work going forward, you need to remember the plan I laid out last year - to make Waterfall a collective of sites rather than just one.

That's where the subscriptions come in. From the beginning, the idea was one subscription across the entire network, however large that ends up being. Three sites or three hundred, your single $10 subscription gets you the bonus features across all of them, no double-dipping, no "oh but you subscribed to Glacier, not Waterfall Social" or any other crap like that. There'll always be some people who adamantly refuse to pay a penny, but the goal here is basically to make subscriptions give you so much for your money that from a sense of pure practicality, it's just worth it. Whether we'll succeed or not remains to be seen.

Something we're actually getting rid of that makes us money is blog slots. I've always felt weird about them to begin with and they're not a huge seller, so the limitation will be lifted in the update. People who hoard URLs will still have them nuked, obviously, but I think we're outgrowing that kind of restriction now. Anyone who's bought blog slots already will be given a free subscription, rounded up to the nearest number of months it'd cover.

We're also doubling down on the commission market. It's been in alpha for a year and we've had some reasonbly good feedback so far, so that too is getting a total rewrite. New payment options, new search options, one-and-done templates, adoptables support, all being added. We'll reach out to some artists on the site soon asking if they want to help test it. Additionally, we'll be giving the fee structure another look - our bottom line didn't move much with the coronavirus special, so we're considering making that permanent even after the crisis has ended.

In addition to that, we're still looking at the patron subscription stuff to provide a safe space for artists of all kinds to offer exclusive work and have fans subscribe. As with the commission market, we'll take a small fee - likely less than Patreon - to help sustain it. Glacier's monetisation model is still up in the air.

Most of this relies on us building something good enough that people actively want to support it. Some people won't no matter what - I still remember our first hate mail about the commission market fee structure and that we shouldn't bother trying to offer protections - but ultimately, it feels the right balance of independence and incentive to make something good that it might work.

That's it for this month, see you in November!

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staff -

There's a decent chance that, finally, I've fixed emails.

If you've not verified your email or you have a friend who forgot their password, now's the time to get in on it and see if I did!

hasenfu -

coding is an asshole and we're all proud of you

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Irrequieto, Chapter One, "Birthday Cupcakes"

Dev smiled as she felt a cat lie on her chest. “Lil,” she sighed and spat out some brown hair that had floated from her own head. “You know I need to get up, right?”

Her sweet black cat, oblivious to her plans, simply began to settle in. Again, Dev smiled and then proceeded to pick up Lil and set her back on the floor. She had fallen asleep on her favorite couch while waiting for her parents to get home, and her cat had great timing because she heard the door being unlocked now.

Jumping up and managing not to trip on the cat, she ran to greet her parents.

“Devain!” Her father yelled excitedly when he saw her, smothering her into a hug.

Dev sighed into his chest, but this was normal for him. No one else, not even her mother when she was stern, called her Devain. Only her dad did. She always guessed it was a form of revenge, seeing as his name, Triman, was equally as strange. The only one spared was her mother, Allison, who had the most normal name under the sun.

But this wasn’t the most important thought on Dev’s mind. As her mother gave her a kiss on the head, Dev turned to the table that could be seen behind her, completely set up with flatware and plates.

Her mother laughed. “Dev, it’s your birthday, what are you doing setting the table?” she asked.

Laughing as well, Dev sauntered over to pet Lil. “I was bored! I had nothing else to do before you got home, so I thought I’d just get it done, y’know?”

Her parents both nodded in agreement before getting settled in. Like they had said, it was Devain’s fifteenth birthday, an event that she had been waiting for since she turned fourteen. She loved her birthdays since she always got to have cake and not do chores. But aside from that, she also liked getting older. She knew one day she’d resent it, but not yet.

Allison laid out cupcakes she had gotten earlier and waved Dev over to the table along with her father. She stared down at the red cupcakes and green icing and winced. It looked like a Christmas party. But, her mother always insisted on green icing. “Like your eyes,” she would always say. Fifteen cupcakes, each of which would be eaten in the next day or two, one for each year of her life, sat on the table in a single row. A candle adorned the cupcake in the middle of the line of bakery treats.

Her father smirked as they all settled in. “Better make a wish before I take it!” he joked. He said that almost every year, and Dev knew it was her cue to make a wish. But as she blew, her head emptied. The wishes she had been planning to make floated out of her head unexpectedly.

She tried not to frown as her parents clapped. Grabbing the cupcake, she pulled out the candle and took a big bite, ignoring the strangeness of the occurrence. It happens, she supposed.

The rest of the day seemed to fly by her. A book from her mom, a succulent from her dad for her presents, Howl’s Moving Castle for the birthday movie, and chicken for dinner. It was pleasant and calm, exactly what she had hoped for.

Later that night, she sighed as she changed into pajamas and laid in bed. “Another successful birthday,” she said, to no one in particular.

Right as she started to drift off, her eyes closed, she shot up as a hand nudged her arm.

“What-” she yelled, frantic and unable to see in the dark room.

“Shhh!” she heard. Dev wasn’t about to shush just for that, but she quickly recognized the voice as her father’s.

“Dad?” she asked, annoyed. “It’s almost midnight, what do you want?”

He chuckled and pulled her out of bed. “Follow me.”

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Late summer heat wave and I immediately feel tired, drained, and lethargic

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Belarus, right

People are protesting unfair elections, police violence is actively used against them

Donate here to support the victims (multilingual version with a better description)

babushka -

european union decided to donate millions of euros to "help economy". Only 1% of it might go help victims of repression. i will continue reblogging this.

hasenfu -

why did airlines get support and not actual humans

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I want y'all to love Ai as much as i do but for that i must either provide content or talk about him. So im currently working on content and avoiding talking about him because spoilers but you could uhm.. ask...

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Makes the new UI by doing the antithesis of what I like

hasenfu -

Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

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calling women out on sexism, racism and transphobia isn't misognyny okay

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Belarus, right

People are protesting unfair elections, police violence is actively used against them

Donate here to support the victims (multilingual version with a better description)

babushka -

why tf does this say electrons... ELECTIONS

hasenfu -

electron are pieces of shit always running around at highspeed being negative

mantis-core -

ok but when will physics let me double jump


airesdeamarillo -

How does this thing work?

hasenfu -

As a starter you can search (ideally one word, I think) of things that you like. Plants, fandoms, writing (writerfall) or drawings (artists of waterfall).

Then you check out their blogs, see who they reblog/repour and also check out those blogs.

Many new people!

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USPS Merch Store

Repour this!!
(info below)

if you're unaware of the current situation, the United States Postal Service aka USPS is slowly being defunded in an attempt to kill it. USPS is the ONLY postal service in the US that guarantees rural citizens can send and receive mail at an affordable cost.

if USPS dies, it means millions of mail in votes WONT HAPPEN! the administration is trying to influence the election any way it can- INCLUDING by not giving millions of citizens the chance to vote.

beyond this, if USPS dies these people will no longer have an accessible way to send and receive mail. most private post companies will stop delivering to these places OR the cost will be so high the service will be priced out!

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Community Update - August 2020

staff -

The bees are imminent

In July, we...

  • Got more server hardware

  • Finished the image transcode system

  • Started the new text editor

  • Published our public roadmap

Site Stats

As of writing, we have 31,804 users, 51,610 blogs, and 396,653 posts.

Site News

There's a lot this month. We'll start with some Commission Market news - we finally got approved by PayPal, so it'll be an option going forward once the rewrite hits. We are considering removing Stripe entirely - users have reported some bad experiences that are shaking our faith in them, as well as being too complicated to use, so some feedback here would be great. Additionally, we've had a couple reports of them trying to make you use unexpected transaction methods - if you try and buy a blog slot or pay for a commission and get redirected to Apple or Google Pay, do not proceed with the transaction - hop in the Discord and let us know so we can figure it out.

To answer a concern that was brought up last month - using PayPal will not change the NSFW policy of the site. Business and partners have different rules from individuals, and Waterfall's existing content policy puts is well within the safe zone by all the interpretations and second opinions we got. If PayPal elects to go back on that, we'll simply look for another option or roll our own.

I needed a break this month because there's only one of me and mental fatigue is a little bitch, so I switched focus some to work on Springwater's blog analytics dashboard.

This is still a prototype (you can tell by the labelling) but even with the test data, I can already tell people will find this very useful, especially artists. I'll do a writeup next month about what's included, since at the minute I'm still surprising myself with what breakdowns I'm able to do with it.

I'm considering doing a mockup of the dashboard to see how it'd look with the stylesheet used there - certainly it'd look a bit more modern. You guys let me know what you think before I start?

Next up, I finally started work on a custom text editor. It's SO much better. Looks better, behaves better, and, since I accidentally backspaced when I finished writing this post and had to start over, it'll also save state so if your browser crashes or you acidentally leave you don't lose everything. I don't have screenshots of it since it's still effectively a glorified text box, but I do have screenshots of the new audio player.

There's still a few kinks to work out, mostly related to mobile, and I'm not sure whether we'll keep the visualisation there or not, but it works and I'm pleased. Album art support! It'll auto-populate with whatever ID3 tags the file has and then you can edit the picture, track name, artist etc. It'll also eventually have playlist support for musicians to use in art posts.

Final piece of UI news - we'll be adding a bunch of accessibility options. There'll be stuff like a colour blind mode, dyslexia mode, font size options etc. We'll run these by members of the community before launch to make sure we're covering the largest cross-section of users possible. They'll all be off by default, but users can pick and choose which ones they find useful and turn them on.

Oh, and something about how we've started working on chats too, but nobody cares about that.

Back on the backend, the main roadblock now is making posts.

Legacy code sucks.

In theory I could port it wholesale, but there's a few improvements I want to make in a couple of places, as well as fixing mentions code and whatever is happening with queue time calculations. Purely text based posts work, but file based posts need some more work, as well as link posts, because I'm just not happy with those at the minute.

That's all for now, so see you next month, and give the roadmap a look!

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wyvern-king -

Sooo youtube is taking and undoing community captions which destroys accessibility for foreign audiences and especially for deaf and hard of hearing people and are now trying to bleed content creators dry of their money by saying 'pay our third party providers if you want captions/translations' so like.

when is thell gonna pull through and make a better youtube that's free for everyone and actually good for a community of content creators?

thellere -

yugioh779 -

Wtf Youtube? I rely on the captions and if they suck then I rely on lip reading. I can hear but I do miss words.

On another note, looks cool!

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wyvern-king -

Sooo youtube is taking and undoing community captions which destroys accessibility for foreign audiences and especially for deaf and hard of hearing people and are now trying to bleed content creators dry of their money by saying 'pay our third party providers if you want captions/translations' so like.

when is thell gonna pull through and make a better youtube that's free for everyone and actually good for a community of content creators?

thellere -

hasenfu -

ah, third party now. they want the money

they're pulling the ability of the community to submit subtitles. the uploader can still add their own or get the auto-generated ones.

anyways i repeat myself but if you publish anything about glacier in this year i will absolutely hunt you down. take a break.

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babushka -

hey i know this stuff doesn't work but if you wanna sign the petition ( against the russian anti trans law and spam the comments with "trans rights" you're more than welcome here

leparom -

it does work. sometimes. good luck!!!!!

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@babushka I love your tags! All of the yes!

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That's like the 11th listing on the CM we've seen where people are telling people to pay through PayPal instead and just... not use the CM to actually do it

Genuinely getting to the point where I'm considering just dropping it

hasenfu -

"hi yeah i know we both signed up on the secure and cheap account but i'm a piece of trash so i'll only sell via the absolutely-prone-to-failure other account"


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Hey. To all the artists, writers, and photographers on here: You're all so dang skilled.

no for real theres so many ppl here w so much talent what the heck

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Community Update - July 2020

staff -

In June, we...

  • Started prototyping the new art system

  • Began the overhaul of the Commission Market

  • Cleared the first major roadblock for the apps and new UI

Site Stats

As of writing, we have 30,392 users, 50,095 blogs, and 383,159 posts.

Site News

This month was a bit slower due to some freelance work that took up a considerable chunk of time, but we're thrilled to announce that the new UI now has a fully functioning dashboard! This means one of three major hurdles are now cleared. The remaining two are overhauling the image uploading system, and building a new text editor. The ones we have right now are... fine, I guess, but that's it - they're not particularly good, just... fine. These two elements will be left till last - its perfectly valid to (and may be the case that we do) leave them as is in favour of getting the new UI out and start testing that without the added variables of weird new stuff that could also be breaking it. It actually makes sense to do it that way even - given the look of the UI isn't changing at all, other than being slightly more consistent with how it displays things, we'll know that any bugs are a logic error rather than a display error.

On the side, we've been looking at the CM. The biggest thing missing right now is stuff that I wanted to include from the beginning, in that artists can set templates up. The second biggest thing is getting PayPal support in some way. Both of these are making headway, but we're not quite ready to talk about those yet until details are finalised.

The next big thing is the art system. We've talked about the new anti-theft system for images we want, but that's a long way off yet - we don't have the budget for the specialised hardware we need. What we are doing though is preparing to extend art posts to cover writing as well, including an anti-theft implementation. There's a lot of work to do on it still, and we'll likely need to tinker with how it scores things a fair bit. However - with the advent of that system, we'll be having a dedicated mod in place, whos only moderation duties (barring emergencies) will be handling any issues the art/writing theft detection causes, or disputes over who wrote what. We'll be writing a more in-depth dev blog on the new writing tools soon. We've always wanted the art system to cover more than just images, and this is the first step towards that goal.

We'd also like to extend a welcome to the new users we got today coming from Tumblr after their latest update! We hope you enjoy your stay, and feel free to join the Discord to ask any questions you might have.

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thread of kids books

ID: First image is the book cover with the name Prince And Knight written by Daniel Haack, drawn by Stevie Lewis. The knight leans against his decorated horse in a cool position and looks at the prince. The prince surrounded by three crowned women looks over his shoulder to smile at the knight. The background is a night sky.

Second image is the couple holding hands and leaning their foreheads together as white flower petals fall around them. In the background there's an old and a young man, details of a castle. It's bright daylight.

just found these books! (thread for ease of image descriptions)

leparom -

Image Description: A colourful book cover of Maiden And Princess written by Daniel Haack and Isabel Galupo, drawn by Becca Human. The princess has a contemporary telescope in front of her and a book with stars in a hand. She looks at the Maiden dressed in metal armour, that is missing a sleeve, and plush shorts. The maiden has a sword in her hand and a knee tall dragon next to her. The maiden looks back at the princess.

leparom -

ID: Book cover of Princess Princess [sic!] Ever After by Katie O'Neill. A soldier in old-times dress with red jacket and blue sash but also creoles in her ears holds a sword up and smiles over her shoulder at the princess. The princess looks back at her and wears a bouncy blue dress and cradles a cat sized baby dragon in her arms. Their free arms, not holding the sword/dragon are interlinked at their elbow. The surroundings are themed like a flower decorated picture frame except the sword/dragon and the respective holding elbow stick out a little.

leparom -

Part One:

ID: Book cover of The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang. The prince is wearing a simple outfit plus dangly military golden shoulder pads and a red superman cape. He looks lovingly at the dressmaker who looks at his chest while she measures something across his upper body. The background is an off-white pear shape on salmon pink background with a woman's upper body on top, like the pear is a skirt. She looks a little sultry over her shoulder at the viewer. She has long flowy red hair and the same long nose as the prince, who has blonde hair. The Dressmaker has a small nose and brown hair.

Part one, please don't miss part two on this.

leparom -

part two:

Id: The screenshot of an interview with the author of The Prince and the Dressmaker, Jen Wang. The excerpt states that Prince Sebastian later wears dresses sometimes. The author interprets this as alternating between masc and fem presenting and personally sees as genderqueer but is open to any impression by the reader, be that trans or cis gnc.

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Day 26: René Martínez

Photo from Democratic Underground

​*** IMPORTANT ***

This article mentions blood, violence, beating, brutality, strangulation, and distressing imagery.

Please continue with caution.

This case happened back in 2016 and this article was written in June 2020. So far there haven’t been any arrests in the case.

It was a regular day in the Chamelecón neighbourhood in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. It was nearing the end of the work day for most people while others were getting ready for their shifts if they worked a night shift. It was just a regular day for the residents who thought nothing of it. There were the usual issues with the gangs in the area but the people were so used to it that they hardly registered it anymore. The gangs were just a part of life for them.

One man was just arriving home from work. It had been a long day and all he wanted was to take a nice long shower then relax in front of the TV. He had gotten so much work during the day and there was still so much more that needed to be done. He lived a very busy life but he never complained. In fact, he rather enjoyed it because what he did helped many people in his area and even his country. It was rewarding despite how drained he felt after certain days.

He stepped out of his car then locked it. Just as he was about to take a step towards the house he heard a car racing down the street. He didn’t really think too much about it. Gang members were known to speed down streets or it could have just been some crazy, out of control young adults. Whoever they were pulled up quickly to his driveway. Their vehicle screeched to a halt and two doors slammed open.

The man heard the commotion behind him and turned around to see what was going on. He didn’t have time to process anything. As soon as he turned, two people wearing masks grabbed him by the arms and began to drag him to the car. He called out to them and asked them what was going on and what was the meaning of this. Why were they doing this to him? What he had done to gain their attention? He got no answer from any of them. They simply forced him into the backseat and slammed the doors behind them.

Even before the doors clicked into place the vehicle speed off down the road. The man who had been taken was in such shock that he didn’t even have any words. He just sat there with wide eyes in between two masked figures as they sped off. He didn’t dare look at them. He was afraid of what they would do if he made eye contact. They had been rough with him already. He didn’t want to aggravate the situation. He looked down at his feet as the car drove off.

Just after the car vanished down the street, the other occupants of the house began to panic. They had seen everything through the window. They saw their loved one being forced into a car with these masked people. Even if they wanted to do something, they knew they couldn’t. Who knows what those people would have done to anyone who dared interfered. The only thing they could do was to watch helplessly as their loved one was taken away but once the car disappeared, one of the occupants ran right to the house phone. They picked it up and called the police to report what had just happened.

When the police arrived the people told them what they had seen and described the car and the occupants as best as they could. They had made sure to remember as much as possible but the police weren’t too sure if they could track down the car but they promised the family that they would do their best. They told the family to remain calm, lock their doors and windows and to not give up hope. They would do the best with the information they had and wouldn’t stop until they found the man. That provided them some relief but they were still worried.

~ 🏳️‍🌈 ~

In the car, one of the men pulled a pillowcase over the frightened man’s head while the other tied his hands together with a zip tie. He secured it as tightly as possible which hurt but the man didn’t dare say anything. He had to be very careful with what he said around these men. He wouldn’t be surprised if they beat him over the smallest annoyance.

So he sat there for the duration of the ride in complete silence. He didn’t move a muscle or utter a word. His kidnappers didn’t say anything either. They didn’t even taunt him which he thought to be odd. Surely they would have said something to try and intimidate him but no. The whole ride was quiet and very tense.

When they finally arrived at their destination the man was forcefully pulled from the car and shoved in a direction. He was disoriented as they refused to take off the pillowcase but tried his best to remain calm. He regained his footing and went in the direction he was guided in.

He could tell that they had taken him into a building but he wasn’t sure how big or small it was. He could tell that there wasn’t much light as the pillowcase still allowed him to see the changes in light but nothing else.

He was forced to sit on a chair and did it without hesitation. He knew that the less he fought them, the higher chance he had of making it out of the situation alive. When he was seated he could feel that his legs were bound together. This was probably done as a precaution to keep him from running away but even without the binding the man wouldn’t dare.

When all seemed to settle down, the man found the courage to talk again. He asked what was going on and nothing else. He didn’t want to annoy his kidnappers with being too chatty. He gulped as he waited for a response. The fact that he didn’t get one immediately worried him. Why weren’t they saying anything? Surely they brought him to their hideout for a reason. Were they going to interrogate him for information? Perhaps they wanted names of people in the LGBTQ+ community. It wouldn’t be that shocking if that was what they were after. Maybe they had a hit list and wanted to go after LGBTQ+ people. If that was the case then the man made up his mind. He wasn’t going to say a word even if it killed him. He couldn’t betray the community he loved so much so if he were to die then so be it.

~ 🏳️‍🌈 ~

His kidnappers kept him waiting for a long time. He wasn’t sure how much time had passed but it had to have been hours at least. Minutes could feel like hours if one didn’t know the time and couldn’t see the light of the sun but the man knew it wasn’t minutes that had passed since he arrived. He knew hours had passed but how many, he wasn’t sure. He guessed that maybe five hours had gone by but it could have been more.

Eventually one of them began to speak to him. They started off laughing at him because he looked so pathetic according to them. They were amused at the sight of the man tied up on the chair. The man didn’t flinch or react. He wanted to engage with the kidnappers as little as possible.

When the kidnapper didn’t get the reaction he was hoping for he tried again but to no avail. Angered, the kidnapper now resorted to kicking and punching the man while he continued to taunt him. Still he got no response. The kidnapper turned to his friends and asked what the hell was wrong with the man. Was he broken? Why didn’t anything affect him?

The other men in the room shrugged and suggested things the kidnapper could do to the man. They told him where to hit or kick him and soon his knife got involved. He took it out of his pocket and began to make little slices all over the man’s body. It wasn’t necessarily meant to draw blood but merely to torture him.

The men laughed and soon began asking the man some questions. They asked him why he wasn’t reacting or putting up a fight. They were curious. They asked him if he was afraid, even a little bit but the man refused to engage. He did his best to think of something positive. To pretend that he was somewhere else. He pretended that he was back home with his family and that they were together at the table talking about how their days went.

It almost brought a tear to his eye but he knew that he would return to them soon enough. In time his kidnappers would get bored of him and let him go. He just had to wait this out. Surely his family would have called the police by now. Perhaps they were on their way. He just had to hold on a little longer and then he would be free.

While he was off in his little world, he failed to hear anything his kidnappers were saying to him. This angered them when they didn’t get any response from the man. They continued to beat and cut him but still nothing worked.

After many, many hours they gave up. The man wasn’t talking and it seemed as if he wouldn’t. There was no point in continuing, they reasoned. It was best that they dispose of him since he was of no use to them.

One of the men got out a rope that he had been holding on to for some time and walked up to the prisoner with a smirk on his face. He wrapped the rope around the man’s neck and pulled as hard as he could. The man jerked at the sudden action and tried his best to fight back but he was no match. Not only was he tied up but he was a lot smaller and significantly weaker than the man with the rope. Even if he hadn't been tied up he wouldn’t have stood a chance.

It took some doing but soon the man stopped moving. He no longer struggled. His body went limp and he slouched in the chair but that wasn’t the end of it. He had passed out due to the lack of air but he was still alive. The man knew this so he kept the rope tightened around his neck for a bit longer. After a few more minutes had passed one of the other men came up and checked their prisoner’s pulse. He was dead.

His name was René Martínez and he was 40 years old.


René Martínez’s body was found two days later on the 3rd of June, 2016 in Colonia Canada, Choloma in Honduras which is not too far away from San Pedro Sula. After his body was found his family went to the San Pedro Sula’s morgue and identified him. His body showed signs of violence and the cause of death appears to be strangulation.

There is no clear clue as to the motivation behind the killing or who is responsible. As of June 2020, there has been no news on any arrests in the case.


René Martínez was very popular in his hometown. He was described as one of the main defenders of the LGBTQ+ community. He even was considering running for Congress in 2017 with the Partido Nacional (National Party). He was an enthusiastic demoratic leader who did his best to improve the quality of life for the people in his community.

He worked in the same area where he lived, in the Chamelecón area of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. This area was one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods as it had a high gang presence.

He did many things to serve his community. He worked as the president of his community council, the Comunidad Gay Sampedrana por la Salud Integral (Gay Community of San Pedro Sula for Integral Health), conventional member of the National Party, volunteer youth outreach center supported by USAID, and was a member of the Access Committee for Comprehensive Care of Persons living with HIV in the Northern Coast which was also supported by UNAIDS.

In October of 2015, both USAID and the Gay and Lesbian Victory Institute sponsored a conference in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The conference focused on supporting the political engagement of the LGBTQ+ community in both Latin America and the Caribbean. Over 300 activists from across the region attended the gathering and René was one of them. Notable people who arrived were Randy Berry and Tamara Adrián who were with a Special U.S. Envoy for the Human Rights of LGBTI Persons. Tamara Adrián is the first openly transgendered persion who has been elected into the Venezuelan National Assembly.



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